Merry Emotional Angst

You know your parents have been in town too long (and getting way too comfortable driving their car around the Dallas highways) when you are zipping in and out of traffic, speeding with a capital "S" on your way home from a job (all so you can get to the last quality family time dinner before they roadtrip on home) and your phone rings and it is your mother, busting you for driving like a maniac, as they just happened to be five cars behind you when you pulled that last kamikaze stunt and now, instead of enjoying 10 minutes of sweet, peaceful alone time before the general chaos and guilt trips and all-around-mind-fucking-parent-child-dynamic, you get to spend 10 minutes listening to your mother tell you to slow down, you almost gave your father a heart attack, do you always drive like that, and wouldn't you really like to live to enjoy another slice of pumpkin pie with the family...

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!