How self-involved one must be

October, 2005: This first post has been edited to read- well, it's actually been deleted, for the most part. It started:
So. Here I am. Inspired to create something like this from sneaking into others' pages and reading their words. The sad thing is, I read because they're not talking.

Then I made some bad joke about lesbian orgy parties, and went on to whine about people not mentioning me in their blogs:
...even if we've had (and acknowledged) an incredibly inspiring/illuminating conversation, I look on his page and zip, nothing. The worst of it is, he mentions other friends quite frequently.

The big finish was moaning about not being able to unblock what had been immobile and unforthcoming (hmmm, did I just make up a word?) for at least 5 years, with a nod to self-pity:
...and then look! all that comes out is drivel.

Really, it's better for all of us that the inaugural post of Nothing Notable has been wiped out. You're just going to have to trust me on this one (should you honestly want to wallow with my past self, let me know and maybe I'll send you additional snippets). It took a few ramblings down the road to become close to something of interest.