Bitter Pills

Ranty rant rant:

So, despite giving myself some time to dig up a sunnier attitude, the only thing I've accomplished is casting off the guilt of not writing anything in about two months. Everyone could really use a good dose of grow-the-hell-up. Long distance friendships are falling to shit because no one knows how to keep in touch. It's as though my circle of friends has turned into a shmooze fest, where "I'll give you a call" is the same as "take it easy!" I've been trying to be the bigger person, recognize that everyone has a million things that take away from their efforts at communication, but nothing changes. Either they're too busy working, or they're unemployed but too depressed to call, or too drunk to dial, or too immersed in their new relationship, or up when I'm awake and vice versa... Bottom line- maybe not more important (although in my darker moods, that's what I suspect), but definitely more distracting things to do than pick up the phone and refresh a relationship. So I'm finished with being the one to make the effort.

*I may say that, but it's just. not. true. I will keep clinging to these people, convinced I can eventually force them to (stamping foot) pay attention to me again.*

So, forget it. I'm just going to take the pressure off of myself for a bit. Why make the effort? Everyone must have this feeling run through them at some point in their life. It's an immature, dead-end jump into bitterness, but hey, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Now, what was I saying about everyone needing to grow the hell up?

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Anonymous dylan gaughan said...

Haven't you heard? Blog entries are the new phone call!

Head hung in shame,

10:54 PM  

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