How should I follow up that sad entry? I'd hate for this thing to degenerate into the all sadness, all the time channel. So I'll just type a bit of a filler here. We're doing better. I'm feeling less evil every day.

This might be a good time to mention the foster puppy. Before anyone gets up in arms about me cavalierly replacing anyone, I must specify that this dog will not be staying. Sister's house is too crowded, what with her informal rescue program she runs out of her car, so we are keeping this puppy until she can be rehabbed and adopted out. I have a rant about people and cruelty to animals, but am not feeling up to it at the moment. Am making a note, however, to tell this puppy's story sometime soon.

So that's the filler.


Hey Buddy

It's not that the house is quiet with you gone, since you were never the real cause of any noise while you were with us. Although I did miss your gentle snoring last night as I tried unsuccessfully to fight my way through sorrow and into sleep. I wanted to fill at least the last third of your life with happiness and love and we had less than a year. I hope you were happy with us, because you brought us more joy and laughter than I had imagined when we welcomed you home last October. You took over our hearts and gave us so much in return. Otto, our little man, our trooper. I wish we had known you when you were a puppy, but we were only blessed with a sweet old man. You never complained, you never annoyed us. You tried to fight your disease, your tumors and the seizures that brought us to the emergency clinic last night. I'm sorry we made you stop fighting, Otto- please forgive us and understand that we made our heartbreaking decision out of love for you. I'll always miss your silly expressions, your friendly kisses, your demands for more petting, your appetite for scraps and your nightly snoring. I wish from the deepest part of my soul that we had had more time to know and love you. I wish we could have given you one more greeney, taken you on one more walk. I wish we could still cradle your soft face in our hands, and see your little nub wagging a greeting as we walk in the door. You were the best dog anyone could ever be honored to know. I hope you know how much love you had with you when you went. I hope you have peace now. I love you. You will be forever in our hearts.