Hurricanes Hurt Animals Too

Just read a story about a family asking someone to help their pets because they had fled their town, leaving their pets in their crates on top of the washer and dryer. I was going to capitalize parts of that sentence for emphasis, but each part was horribler and horribler (if you'll excuse the bad grammar), and it would have led to an extended strand of capitalization, which just isn't pretty. You know, I understand that the damaged towns are in states of crisis, that people panic, that it cannot be the calmest thing ever, to be ordered to evacuate your home immediately. But I'm sitting here, and I'm wondering how selfish and thick and possibly even evil a person must be to just. leave. the. family. pet. Oh wait, no, not just leave the pet and run. Not just leave the pet locked in a most-likely-to-flood-in-the-near-future house. Lock your pet in a wire or plastic cage so he can be slowly yet efficiently drowned in your laundry room. Perhaps I'm ignorant of how much of a warning these people had, or how gradually a flood takes over (this wasn't a flash flood or tidal wave situation, right?), but there's no way I would leave town without my animals. They'd be tucked into the car right alongside the huzz and our important documents and credit cards as we sped to wherever we could go that would allow pets to stay too. I don't get it. I'm having trouble sleeping, imagining the furry massacre in the South, knowing some of it was, if not intentional, then definitely avoidable. So I'm sending some love to Noah's Wish to help in the animal rescue and relief efforts. And if there is anyone out there reading this who also wants to help, they have PayPal, yo.

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