Lucky Dog

I’m driving to work this morning, trying in vain to shake the fog of fatigue out of my head and I hear a screech of brakes from somewhere off in the distance. Except, it’s not really off in the distance, it’s RIGHT UP AHEAD EVERYONE’S STOPPING WHAT THE SHIT!

As I slam my foot on the brake I see a dog trotting in confusion into my lane (the one nearest the sidewalk), looking around, wondering what all the fuss is about. And then I see him meander over to the center lane and narrowly avoid getting blown away by a Pontiac in a hurry. The dog must have sensed my panic somehow, because he slowed down, looked over his shoulder at me and made eye contact. So, because I’m careless and in no rush to get to work, I put the P.O.S. in Park (effectively closing one lane to traffic), get out and step towards the dog. He has a leash trailing behind him, and tags on his collar, so as long as I can catch up to him without scaring him back into the murderous morning traffic, everything will be fine. And it was.

His owner came from the other side of the street, mumbled something about the vet (?), and walked off with the dog. As I drove away, I was struck by a few peculiar elements to this:

  1. He didn’t thank me (the man, not the dog, obviously). If one of my dogs had been taken out of traffic to the safety of the sidewalk, you can bet your ass I’d be crying and thank-you-so-much-ing for hours. But whatever. Maybe he did thank me, but I didn’t understand through the garbled Irish/Scottish accent he was sporting?
  2. Irish/Scottish accent? Really?
  3. Why didn’t the dog seem happy to see the guy? Why didn’t the guy act happy to see the dog? Should I have pressed the issue more? Quizzed the dude about the dog’s name and checked his answer against the dog’s tag? (All of these concerns are under one bullet because they were all flying around my head at once and I am now suffering from a lot of guilt, thinking I quite possibly (and idiotically) handed this poor lost dog over to some crazy dog thief .)
I can only hope that all was right and good in the universe this morning and that no animals were hurt in the making of my good deed. And I wasn’t even late for work, dammit.

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