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Bless me reader(s?) for I have sinned. It has been a solid week since my last entry. A whole damn week, people. And honestly? I haven't even been thinking about writing over the last 7 days. Worse, I have no excuse, and unfortunately, very little remorse. So, in the spirit of a (kinda) guilty conscience, here are some other (non)confessions:

  1. I lied about writing this weekend, when Monk asked (I said I wrote a little). I didn’t write jack, people, I sat on my ass a good deal and plowed through 3 books and a bag of Doritos in two days.
  2. There are many times I prefer the companionship and even the obligations of my dogs over Monk.
  3. I think my depression is coming back with a vengeance, but my life is just not pathetic or dramatic enough to justify it. So I can’t really talk about it. (wait, who let Debbie Downer in here?)
  4. I will be presenting a strong case for a big raise at my yearly review in a few weeks. One would think I’d therefore be working harder and proving my worth on a daily basis. One would think.
  5. Even if I get a raise, I’m pretty restless these days and might just change jobs for the heck of it. After taking advantage of the two 4 1/2 day weekends the Company's giving everyone over Christmas and New Year's.
  6. Speaking of being a great worker bee: When my boss is out of town, it’s a given to skip the business casual attire, but there’s also a good chance I’ll skip a shower too.
  7. I don't honestly feel guilty about any of the above.

Seven not-so-deadly sins. Huh.

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