Bear with me, I need to work this out. I think I'm being followed. Christianity keeps slipping into my library books, conversations with my mother, traffic jams and job decor. It is as though God is trying to call me back to class. And all I'm hearing is Charlie Brown's teacher. Not to turn this into some anti-Christian blog or anything (really, I have nothing against Christians... Some of my best friends are Christians, heh heh), but sharing my hyper-awareness of all things Jesus in God's country is long overdue.

My immediate boss has set up an office for me in her (estate) house. My boss is a devout Christian. I am not (and we'll save Who is Quinn for another time, as this is bound to turn into a snoozefest without more help from me). We do not discuss the chasm between us filled with religion, politics and money. There are crosses on the walls, mentions of God and blessings and prayers in her correspondence, daily prayer breaks after her lunch, books on "Leadership through God" in her office, and a framed photograph of Boss, standing happily in the foreground, with a big white cross looming over her shoulder. I don't, however, think the BMW has been granted a Jesus Fish yet.

So I'm walking around today, thinking of ways to riff on this religious about her religion thing (trying to decide if a bastardized version of the "yo momma's so ____" jokes would even be a little funny), when I realized the only thing I needed to drive home how devout Boss is, the only evidence I would ever need to present to prove this extreme Christianity, the true sign of living your life with God in every step, was right in front of my face, accidentally left out in plain sight by the negligent housekeeper. This, people, is where the truly devout find sustenance:

Thank God for camera phones.

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Blogger Kat in da Hat said...

Jesus loves you anyway...especially since you thanked his big daddy-o for camera phones.

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