Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

So many updates, so little time. Not really. And I certainly wouldn't want to turn this site into a venue for a running laundry list of tasks accomplished each day. Because come on, people! I think we all know by now that I don't lead the most stimulating life.

The main news is that I’m a big fat cheater. A Big Fat Lying Cheater, really. I was going to post on Friday that I had smoked on Wednesday. And kept it from Monk, which is the Lying bit of the BFLC equation (Big and Fat seem to follow me everywhere these days, and I'm sure the cream pies and candy have nothing to do with that thankyouverymuch). Had a great dinner out with a friend, then executed a truly masterful sleight of hand smooth move and bought smokes while Monk obliviously pumped gas outside. So, lying, omission, same thing really.

But THEN I smoked Thursday night while Monk was at practice. And again with the not telling him. Ahem.

But THEN we bought a pack after a trying day with my visiting folks on Saturday.

And THEN we sucked down a few more after another trying visit last night.

Methinks that’s a bit much to be categorized as a blip on the nonsmoking screen. But we’re definitely going with the New Day, New Resolve theme today. Happy Columbus Day! Columbus probably smoked, and he cheated the Native Americans out of their home, food and health. See how smoking makes you mean? Will not smoke again. This I promise to the Internet. Wish me luck.

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