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Every day I lament the fact that Woolly and his girlfriend had to move far far away, just months after Monk and I had decided we had found a friend for life, and One That Actually Lived Near Us, at that. Fortunately he’s a pro at this keeping-in-touch-thing (fortunately for him, as he doesn't have to deal with any of the usual "call me, dammit!" or "write me back!" pestering from high maintenance Q over here). Yesterday’s comments from him on the sad state of my job situation made me miss him even more. It is not everyone that is lucky enough to have good friends capable of supporting you completely, while still managing to tell it to you straight.

In response to my woe-is-me, what-should-I-do email regarding my undervalued (but at least employed?) ass:
You sound like someone who has ended a relationship but just hasn't broken up yet. (at first I was like "wha-?" but then I was all "oh, totally.")

And then the instant classic, the gotta-print-it-and-tape-it-to-the-wall gem of the day:
But, always remember, the company will not hesitate to screw you if it benefits them, so be wise to that. I refer to the line from Goodfella's about why you don't want to do business with the mob. I think you need the same attitude, which is "fuck you, pay me."

He rocks.

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