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[edited to remove work-related commentary. And there was much rejoicing.]

Rubber masks scare the shit out of me. Last time I wasn’t afraid of one was the first time I viewed Point Break, and it was most likely due to my shock and awe at the gaping void where Keanu’s acting skills should have been.

(I should take a moment to say for the record that I display equal opportunity mask phobia. Clown masks? Yikes. Mardi Gras/ costume ball types? No thank you. [Those actually remind me of that freaky scene in Labyrinth where Sara finds herself at the costume ball, and it’s all kind of slow motion and surreal, and everyone’s hiding behind those partial masks on a stick and no one will take her seriously… Psychotic. Although David Bowie as the Goblin King? Hot. Probably would explain much of my weird lust tendencies if we were to examine it more closely. Which we will not.] Groucho nose and glasses? Ugh. Chinese dragon? Get that shit away from me. The only masks that don’t provoke an immediate shudder from me are those carved African tribal masks. Although, should some bushman come leaping and screaming out from behind a dumpster, wearing his wooden mask and pointing his spear at me, I might be persuaded to include tribal masks in my mental museum of terror. And I might need a change of trousers.)

Not only are there no masks or other disguises in sight today [edited to remove work-related commentary. And there was much rejoicing.]
That’s okay, after a one block candy collecting hike with a niece-stuffed pumpkin this evening, I will go home to the huge vat of chocolate bars and otherwise (that somehow missed being stuffed into the trick-or-treat packs we’re leaving out in our absence), and have enough Halloween for everyone.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Like your blog! And I have to laugh about the "like shooting jesus fish in a barrel." Too funny. I think we must be alot alike on that whole religious thing...

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