Happy Anniversary (a retrospective in which there is much linkage)

As much as it entertains me to ramble on with random observations or revisit my past in a rose-tinted glass-bottomed boat, I understand that sometimes you want a little more. The blogs I read regularly are not political, environmental or musical (sorry, Pickle), they are personal accounts of people’s insecurities and fuck-ups, windows into their daily lives, and since I am one of those people who will take a walk at night and if your curtains aren’t closed you’re damn right I’m looking in your windows (what?), the personal accounts are the ones that captivate me.

I started this site a year ago, tentatively, as a way to get back into the practice of stringing words together for the hell of it; as a result I can proudly say I’ve made a hefty contribution of crap to the already existing galaxy of self-important dung floating around in the Internet cosmos (I have also just revealed how little I actually know about the Internet- and also Outer Space- and how the whole crazy thing works). I had no idea I’d eventually want anyone to read my garbage, and yet made an effort to keep things objective and aloof . That kind of fell apart after the first entry.

I resigned myself to baring a bit more uninteresting leg around here but upon further scrutiny am not sure I’ve really done that. I know, I know, you’ve heard far too much of my
work woes, I’ve shared a moment of pain, I’ve bitched about my friends, talked about why I’m not cut out for marriage, one time I even used someone’s real name (gasp!), but still, I sense you wanting more.

So, in the interest of getting MORE personal with you, I thought I would share with the Internet that I am having a god-awful bad, downright nasty hair day. It’s fluffy where it should be laying straight, and kinky where it should be… just, normal. And dammit if every time I look in the mirror some wayward strands have come out from behind my ears and are plastered to the sides of my face. That’s right, I’m a fucking
gelfling today and I can’t seem to do anything to combat it.

(Sidenote: it’s kind of a shame that when I was trying to decide which college to attend oh so many years ago, my list of schools wasn't as diverse as I thought. Whoa.)

Not groundbreaking, perhaps, but I promise: As soon as there is something notable to report, you’ll read it here. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the bathroom ignoring my
muppet hair and attempting to cough up something nice and phlegmy to describe in colorful detail later.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Happy belated Anniversary. I love your blog so I hope you'll have many, many more! :-)

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