I definitely missed the mark on this one

Oof. Yesterday I was thinking about last year's holiday season, when I somehow managed to roll cat allergies into a bad cold, into a sinus infection, all of which started right around Thanksgiving and lasted through February. February was the magic month in which I said "Right, enough of this, I'm miserable and maybe a doctor can help me," except of course it sounded more like "Right, eduff of this, Ibe bizrable edd baby a doctor cad hellbee." That's when I found out I had been harboring a sinus infection in my head for quite a while. Hooray for antibiotics.

So, back to yesterday, when I could breathe through my nose. I was reflecting on the holiday antics of last year's germs, when WHAM! Suddenly (and I do mean suddenly, even though I was taught a long time ago that one should never use "suddenly" as things never really happen "suddenly." Maybe I'll try "with a quickness" in a minute) my nose was dripping, my tongue had sprouted fur long enough to tease my throat, and I was soldiering through a wave of mental sludge. Fantastic. I guess last year's cold heard me calling its name, hit the all-car-alert button and blew into town to take me out with a quickness (hee!).

Good thing today is a short work day. I'm sitting at my desk, eyes occasionally rolling back in my skull, lips chapped beyond recognition, nasal passages burning, my head bobbing every few minutes, threatening to come crashing down on my keyboard... Fantastic. By some miracle I will make it back across town, in and out of the grocery store (good idea Q, plan a "quick trip" the day before a huge food-oriented holiday), and home before passing out. And at some point I will make pies. And Monk wants me to walk the dogs, but in my muddled mental state a little voice is telling me that if I just open the front door they'll walk themselves ("they know the route, just let 'em go for it"). So yeah, operating heavy machinery and other stuff, here I come.

Further proof that this head cold has me swathed in layers of mental fog and near-delusion: I intended to write an entry about how much I love the Fall.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Wow. That was a long time to be miserable with a sinus infection.

You know, my little guy gets sick EVERY year at this time. WIthout fail. I thought of him when you started talking about how you are now getting sick again. Oy!

I hope you feel better soon!

11:05 PM  

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