I do more by Saturday afternoon than most people do all weekend

I think it must be a sign of superior time management skills that I am enjoying my weekends so much lately (it could also be a sign that work’s the kind of bitch who consistently backhands me every time I step through the door so that by the time Friday rolls around, I’m crawling towards my car muttering “weekend, weekend” like a desperately thirsty man stranded in the desert… but no, let’s go with time management).

Friday evenings are normally spent recharging, which may or may not include large quantities of alcohol consumed in the safety of our own home (because we are responsible drunks who live in the suburbs and have outgrown the thrill of driving under the influence). Saturday I was so productive by 11 a.m. I would have put those army commercials to shame. Then Monk and I went out and spent, spent, spent, like we could afford it, or something. Monk purchased his first-ever suit (and I must admit he looked dead sexy in his grown up costume, wallet at the ready), and then we slapped our credit card around some more at the Buffalo Exchange. There was a B.E. in Albuquerque, but (like most things in Albuquerque) it fell short of the mark. So I am once again hooked on funky secondhand clothing (and I don’t mean “funky” as in “smelly,” but what is up with that signature thrift store smell? I could ruminate and come up with some ideas but I’d really rather not). Never mind that a few of the items were kind of overpriced for being previously worn- my closet thanks me for the update.

Monk had a midnight gig that I skipped out on, which is a shame since I would have enjoyed sharing the boob-flashing he received in the beginning of the night. I don’t know why these things get under my skin the way they do (okay, I suspect I know exactly why), and while I understand nothing malicious was in play, I have since put my mind at ease by applying a hex-in-absentia on the Limo Flasher. If anyone out there has a friend who suddenly gains 100 pounds and starts smelling like rotten potato salad, um, I had nothing to do with it.

And Sunday? Oh baby, this’ll make you really hot- the house was given a thorough cleaning and reorganizing, and we did our annual swap of summer clothing out of the closet, winter clothing in. This involves a lot of “Why the hell am I still hanging onto this nasty sweater? Off to Goodwill with you!” from me, and a little bit of “You’re not finished yet?!” from Monk. (Monk and I also had a great exchange during the clean-a-thon where I discovered some 4-month-old dry cleaning with a button missing, exclaimed over the inconvenience and incompetence, and when I started to add “I guess we’re never u---“ VRRRRROOOOOMMMMM!!!!! Monk promptly turned on the vacuum, and exited the conversation. But I shouldn’t tell that story, because obviously? I’m so over it.)

My point (ha! ha!) is that despite all the activity and productivity, there was also much relaxation, a trip to Target for a new (ugly) bedspread, loooong conversation with Biff (nearly 3 hours! Bliss!), two movies watched (Ray and The Incredibles, both of which received two thumbs up, which probably doesn’t mean anything to you people, since I may be the last person on the planet to see either of those films), and a Sunday cookout enjoyed by all. The only negative is that I slept terribly, but weekends are for sharing a bed like the normal folk, so what can you do? Monk told me he sleeps poorly when I’m in the guest bedroom (apparently we have joint custody of the insomnia ball now- he gets it during the week, I get it on weekends), and I’m relearning the art of compromise.

That was the other highlight of my weekend: I’ve come to the conclusion that I do a lot of My Way Or The Highway at home, so I’m practicing saying yes to Monk more. I’ve started already (see the ugly bedspread note above, then guess who picked it out). I may have a limited capacity for agreeable behavior, though, so let’s not be surprised if the next few weeks bring a lot of Putting My Foot Down at work. We’ll see.

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Blogger Lisa said...

You are so clever. I love your entries. :-) Glad to hear you got lots done. ANd I had to laugh about getting joint custody of the insomnia ball.

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