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Finally (you’ll notice that most of my movie viewing is classified in the “finally” category) watched Be Cool last night. Loved it- more for the people in it than for the plot, and if I were ever to get my hands on a copy of the screenplay, I’d probably give the actual script a thumbs down. Plus, one of the main actors reminded me of a lighter version of Lark Voorhies, which caused me to think " I know that's not her, so who is that?!" throughout the whole movie, which was bothersome. Also bothersome was the Saved By The Bell theme song that then decided to skip merrily through my brain for 2 hours. Also that Uma Thurman’s gave-birth-twice body just doesn’t compute.

I am starving, but too cold and lazy to get up and fetch my lunch from the garage refrigerator. It's a truly dire situation over here, folks. The milk/dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses at my desk are the only things keeping me alive. I’m not even a huge fan of chocolate, but my hand seems to have a mind of its own today, and that mind is hell bent on chain-stuffing chocolate in my mouth.

I suspect that eating chocolate all day is not getting my ass any closer to resembling Ms. Thurman’s, but hey, at least it won’t cause any

*I had no idea that Lark Voorhies is a Jehovah’s Witness, or that she was once engaged to Martin Lawrence, who dumped her on national television (can someone find me a link to that?). I guess Martin’s been smacking his bitches around (one way or another) for quite a while now.

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Blogger Lisa said...

I STILL haven't seen that movie. Seeing Uma after two children would probably make me cry so I will chose to pass by that one at the ole' Blockbuster. :-)

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