Chicken Soup for the Soul

Discussing a possible trip to Sedona with Biff, and room rates ranging from $300 to $4500 PER NIGHT:

B: Besides, I would think the $4500 rooms are dirtier than the $300 ones.

Q: Huh?

B: Well, if I’m the kind of person that spends $4500 on a room, per night, I’m probably the kind of person that’s going to be getting laid in that room.

Q: Yep, and getting laid niiice and gooood in that room.

B: That’s right, if I’m spending $4500 a night, I don’t want any of that “making love” crap, I’d better be getting FUCKED.

Q: Indeed. I’d better be blushing for DAYS.

She’s coming to visit next month. I can’t wait.

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Blogger Lisa said...

This sounds like the conversations I have with my girlfriends. Its nice to know that maybe we're normal. heehee.

3:40 PM  

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