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Despite my militant self-sufficiency, my cynical mindset and my tendency towards the practical rather than the fanciful, there still remains an unrealistic wistfulness inside of me that keeps holding out for that movie moment. My subconscious has taken all the Grand Gestures conjured up by Hollywood and built the world’s most unfair yardstick to prop up alongside the events and people in my life. It can be pretty frustrating to live each day with the certainty that some big, perfect moment is right around the corner, and even more discouraging to be the one on whom this expectation falls. I realize I have a problem, but as yet I haven’t been able to shake the stubborn hope that someday the hero will swoop in and save the world.

The other day I ranted and raved (perhaps excessively) about a particular t-shirt slogan, and lashed out at two out of the three founding members of a brand new clothing line. Monk is the third member of this company. While he had nothing to do with the Bad Shirt, I couldn’t understand how he could stand by and watch it go public. Especially knowing how deeply it offended me. Especially, especially after the co-founders pointed their defensiveness and poorly-disguised insults in my direction.

It was unfortunate that my objection to the shirt started a battle. Unfortunate, too, that the two co-founders revealed themselves to be even more small-minded, petty and cruel than originally perceived. While Monk is always aware of my high-flying “I Can Take Care of Myself” banner, he fought the good fight for both of us and for the Principle of the Matter, keeping me out of it while trying to smooth things over. Unable to smooth, he drew a line in the sand, stepped over to stand by my side, and broke with the company for good. This Grand Gesture means the company loses their artist- the creative force that makes any of the shirts noteworthy (in my not-so-humble opinion). It may cause the company to fall apart, or simply prevent them from putting out quality designs in the future. Maybe the two remaining co-founders will eventually see the light and pull the shirt. Maybe.

The point is, Monk wasn’t willing to smile and nod for the sake of potential profit. He stepped out of his usual role of mediator and simply stopped the debate altogether. His refusal to compromise on this issue speaks volumes about his character, his opinion of me, and our relationship.

My hero.

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Blogger Lisa said...

You are so lucky to have a wonderful hubby like that. I wish I could say I have one of those but I don't. My hubby is so selfish he doesn't even see how his behaviors can hurt other people's health or feelings. Hell, I would be happy with a small sweet gesture. I gave up on a grand romantic gesture a long time ago. There is a reason why I don't talk much about my hubby. If you can't say something nice....

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