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I was at the grocery store, trying to figure out how many watermelons it would take to feed 30 people at my upcoming dinner party when, from the next aisle over, someone’s cell phone started ringing. And ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and ringing, you get the point. Irritation turned to anger and I started ranting. “Hey, assclown? That’s your damn phone ringing, why are you not answering the damn phone or just turning it the hell off it’s been ringing for, literally, minutes now, pick. it. up. Damn it! And what kind of a gay-ass ring tone is that?!”

It was my alarm clock, people, which does happen to be my cell phone. It’s disturbing enough that my subconscious hates my ring tone, but, a watermelon dinner party? And let’s not get me moaning about how I don’t even know 30 people.

I’m back to sleeping in the marital bed, and also back to getting little (or just plain shitty) sleep every weeknight. Which explains why every morning I require a gaggle of necromancers to get me up in time for work. While it was true that Monk and I suffered a bit of a disconnect during the sleep-apart experiment before Christmas, and haven’t since our sleep reunion, I’m trying to find something here that doesn’t cover the whole situation with an either-or, damned if you do, etc. cloud. Because sleeping apart? Happy but distant Quinn, not so happy and distant Monk. In the same bed? Crabby, depressed Quinn, happier Monk, and boy, how those two can work as a team! Better like this, or better like this? Better like this, or better like this? I don’t know, doc, it’s all gone blurry now.

After dumping my misery on Biff the other night, and declaring my intention to get to bed early (which, hilariously, does not happen when someone keeps you on the phone for THREE HOURS), she suggested I call my doctor and have some special pills prescribed. I’m not sure what kind of a doctor she has, but no doc I know is just going to write off a script for sleeping pills without an exam, or without the whole “you’re probably depressed and should go see someone before I give you a magic pill, which means it will be months before you can have any hope of just sleeping when you need to sleep already” conversation/referral, especially if you’re like me and do not actually have a regular doctor. I’m thinking the one that moved out of state can’t help me, and the other one that prescribed the Miraculous Allegra might need more to go on than a phone call from me, crying “I just want to sleeeeeep!!!!” (I suspect she’s stingy with prescriptions anyway, if the limited supply of Miraculous Allegra is anything to go on.)

Tonight I begin the Yoga Experiment, to be executed minutes before going to bed. I figure I’d better get into the organic solution mindset, as I’m about to become a massage therapist and aren’t they all new age-y, spiritual, hairy vegetarian anti-western-medicine types? I may be putting a wee bit too much pressure on my inner self already. Screw it, if the yoga doesn’t work, I have an emergency stash of Tylenol PM in the cupboard.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Does he snore? Do you need to get a bigger bed?

I have insomnia bouts too. My hubby snores so loud he can wake the whole neighborhood. (I have slept with a fan on medium and still can't drown his snores out. And because he hasn't fixed this, we have a marriage counselor. She has finally told him to take some steps to fix it already and that sleep is a very, very important thing. The hubby will say, "God. Why have you been so bitchy lately?" to me... And I'll say, "I'M NOT SLEEPING. YOU WON'T STOP SNORING."

But if you are looking for good drugs, I had one that was AWESOME. It would knock me out and I wouldn't wake until morning. I think it was trazadone? I took it to prevent migraines and help with insomnia, seeing as I get migraines when I don't sleep well.

But yes, you will probably have to go to a doctor before anyone will prescribe something for you. SOme of them are antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs. And if taken at night, help you sleep. (Been working on this problem for years.)

Good luck and if you find a magic cure, please fill me in!

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