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Monk and I re-did the half bath two weekends ago. Not sure why it took us a year and a half to rid ourselves of the embarrassment formerly known as “grandma’s closet,” but it’s finally done. Don’t be too impressed, though. In our over-budgeted, short attention span world, “re-did” means we primed and painted right over the dark blue wallpaper, made some other low-key cosmetic changes, and called it a day. This gives the future owners a chance to move in, ignore things for over a year, then start a blog and complain about how the previous owners were lazy assholes who couldn’t be bothered to remove wallpaper that had been hung (by the previous previous owners) before the sink and toilet were installed. I would hate to rob them of such riveting online journal material. I’m a giver, people. I'd put up some before and after photos, but even I have to draw the line somewhere. And that "somewhere," apparently, is displaying my toilet to the Internet.

(Sidenote: Do you have any idea how challenging it is to fold your 5'10" frame into a 3' x 4' half bath, then cram yourself in even further so that you are sitting on the floor between the toilet bowl and the cabinet, inappropriately embracing the bowl, in order to ram the hand holding the paint brush behind the tank repeatedly, somehow managing to paint every damn bit of navy blue wallpaper, whether it would have been easily visible or not? Bet you want those pictures now don't you?)

We have (finally) been motivated to create an every-weekend project schedule and have started our attack on the other grimy parts of our poorly-constructed residence (first-time home buyers are smrt). Friday evening we began slapping up paint in the living room. Like a well-oiled (crazed and obsessed?) machine, we completed the living room, the main hallway and the guest bath by yesterday afternoon. Except for one little thing: The Spouse wanted to cut corners on the bathroom hardware (yes, I believe Blame looks rather handsome, perched there on Monk's shoulders), so we suspended common sense and now have a superglue-not-working-must-do-it-over-properly situation. Also, I have a square inch here and there to touch up in the guest bath but to hear me tell it, it would kill me to pick up a paint brush and enter that room again.

(Sidenote: You know your taste runs to the, er, eclectic when you are stuck in a bathroom painting all day and occasionally exclaiming "wow, that's... orange" to no one in particular. To all those that might come to visit: I promise, once you get used to it, your eyeballs do stop their bleeding.)

This coming weekend will find us painting (surprise!) the t.v. room and rearranging its contents to make it into something more "cozy and inviting," and less "other room? What do you mean other room? There's no room on the other side of the stairs, no sir, nothing to see here, move it along, people." There will also be a repeat of the credit card abuse we've been perpetrating lately, not only at Lowe's, but also because we've discovered that people with houses-that-look-like-grown-ups-live-there must "accessorize" and "coordinate" each room, which requires things like wall hangings, shelves and random candles.

(Sidenote: Sometimes? When you HATE shopping, and you have been out for five hours, looking for just the right picture (cheap, bland, medium-ish-sized) to hang in the bathroom (!), and you've already spent a gajillion bucks on things you used to swear you'd never spend a gajillion bucks on, and you finally find it and go to swipe your credit card for the 777th time that day? You may want to cry a little, on behalf of your bank account AND in relief at being homeward bound at last.)

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Blogger Lisa said...

Amen sister! heehee.

You know its really hard to find a picture for bathrooms. And alot of what's out there are PICTURES OF BATHROOMS or sinks or stupid shit like that. WHY on God'S green earth would a person want to put a drawing of a bathroom IN their bathroom. (Why would anyone want a drawing of a sink, toilet or bathroom at all?)

Well... Good luck.

9:35 PM  

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