Psst... I want to show you something (New Year's Post - Part Two)

Just because I was a bit merry while writing the last one and completely missed the bus (if buses were synonymous to having a point and writing a cohesive post).

Because it is fun to see how we do not measure up, there must be a New Year's Resolutions List. In writing, and cleverly (but not too cleverly) tucked away, to be read, burned or mocked on the following New Year’s Eve. If you have the (bad?) luck to be invited to a party in Quinnland, or even the (unfortunate!) coincidence of being in the same room with Quinn and Monk when midnight strikes, you will see one or both of us scurrying around to find pens and papers, and soon you will be cajoled or coerced (or simply yelled at until you surrender) into making your own empty promises for the year to come. Here are the highlights from the resolutions ziploc bag of New Year's Eve 2004 (names have been obscured to protect the somewhat innocent, but mostly to prevent a nasty law suit):

It's always a good idea to keep it simple:

Only the truly great parties have an undercurrent of hostility:

I think he discussed things with his future wife later:

Huh. Optimistic? Pessimistic? Just plain odd?

And in every group, there's an overachiever (cough! cough! WET BLANKET! cough!):

Mine was kind of boring, and written in a giddy, Austin Powers-like tone. Something overly enthusiastic about a hardbody and a screenplay. As I actually gained weight in 2005 and spent most of the year moping about my lack of inspiration, you can guess how that all turned out. Monk's was also kind of boring, having to do with focusing/practicing on the drums and being a good person or something like that. Um, hello?! You can't resolve to do something you do on a regular basis!

Wait, can we? If so, I want to change my resolutions for 2006: I resolve to 1) complain a lot, 2) do a lot of laundry and 3) not be a morning person.

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Those were great! I had to laugh at the get divorced and meet a man/woman....

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