So... Seen any good movies lately?

It’s going to be a real drag if I have to purchase a pregnancy test on Wednesday.

(I typed that sentence about an hour ago. I keep coming back to it to add something, anything, even if the follow-up isn’t even remotely related to interesting writing or a punch line.)

Hey! Let’s go to the movies! More accurately, let’s talk movie reviews! I believe we’ve established that Monk and I may be the last people on the planet to get around to seeing the films everyone else has viewed, discussed and forgotten several months back, so just consider this a blast from the past. HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz all seemed to be in cahoots to disappoint over the weekend, so we dusted off the Blockbuster card and picked up some DVDs.

Sin City

This is a bad-ass film. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it, and if you have seen it, rent it again and invite me over because at one point? I fell asleep and missed a very important part of the plot resolution. Cold medicine overdoses notwithstanding, this movie is intrigue, action and art all rolled into one, a delight to watch. I’m not too familiar with Frank Miller’s stuff, but it really was like stepping into a comic book. If you’re the kind of person who gets off on reading comic books, that will impress you. If you’re not, it’s like watching the sexiest person in the room describe his/her favorite comic book to the point that you feel like you’ll just die if you don’t go out and buy that comic book and read it, so you have something in common with the sexiest person in the room… Huh. Lost my train of thought there. I’ve heard that happens a lot to pregnant women.

Must Love Dogs
Ehh. Cute movie, if you don’t mind the message that divorced people are depressed and bitter souls leading lonely and empty lives, all of which can be fixed by having a love interest. The screenplay was based on a book that wasn’t very impressive in the first place. Well, I know that now. I didn’t realize it while we were watching the movie, so the whole time I had this strange feeling that I’d already seen it, just with different actors. And then this one scene? That was exactly like a scene from the book? I was very angry that the screenwriter got away with such a blatant theft of plot. After I researched it and realized everything was above board, however, I was highly amused at myself. Mood swings. Again, a trait prevalent in women of the knocked-up variety.

Haven’t seen the original, so I didn’t attempt to take that into consideration when viewing this film. This is another visually fun movie, and I especially liked the way everything seemed to take on an increasingly 60s feel as the story progressed, from hair, makeup and clothing to cityscapes and lighting. There were also some visual effects that added to the retro feel. The story was not as light and happy ending-ish as I had hoped, but overall I’d say it was enjoyable, even with the excessively charming monologue bits. Except! By the end of the film, I discovered that too much of Jude Law talking? Turns my stomach. Interesting- a new aversion developing out of nowhere. At least it has nothing to do with food. Because, you know.

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