My To Do List keeps getting longer

Biff and her alcoholic boyfriend are coming to town today (I think it's okay to call him an alcoholic, as he refers to himself as such, and has defiantly rejected the idea of sobering up anytime soon. More of a story here, but really not mine to tell). Originally, Biff was coming to visit by herself. In a rare championship move of Visiting Rights manipulation, she surprised me one evening by letting me know that the boyfriend was accompanying her (this is the same man that has claimed he would never set foot in Texas). Plane tickets had been purchased. Was this okay.

Anyway. We have three massages booked for this evening (Monk, smart guy, will be joining us, but the boyfriend has some issue with touching, or something, so will wait for us ...somewhere... I have no idea how this is going to work). Before you start thinking we've become fancy: The massages will be given by students of what will soon be my massage school, and it's all under the guise of research (must know what the client will experience, to prepare for the internship part of the program). Whatever, hour-long massage for $30!

Unfortunately, before the bliss, comes the list. I have too much in my head that I'd like to accomplish before I head to the airport to pick up the lovebirds:

1) Clean house (won't bore anyone further by sub-listing all involved here)

2) Grocery run (we never have the same eating habits as our guests. For example, we often hear about folks actually eating more than once a day on the weekends. What is that all about?)

3) Dog walking (and brushing, if I can muster up the motivation, but lordy, that's a lot of dog to brush)

4) Brief rendezvous with treadmill (okay, this may be the first item cut from the list)

5) Laundry (oh, the laundry)

6) Turn patio into a lovely, welcoming smoking section (Lovely and Welcoming are doomed, I suspect, as the weather is gearing up for 40 degrees and showers all weekend. It was 80 and sunny yesterday. Screw you, Texas!)

7) Find appropriate facial expression to wear all weekend that clearly conveys "No, this isn't awkward at all. I'm totally okay with not getting any time alone with Biff. This party rocks."

8) Hide the vodka (What. Don't tell me this wouldn't cross your mind.)

9) Come up with cock-block equivalent to avoiding a liquor run (excuses in the running include: "whoops, we're late for the aquarium!" and "Ooh, sorry, no liquor sales on Sunday"). Suggestions are welcome.

Ready, set, go.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Good luck on the liquor excuses. What a bummer that you won't get any time alone with your good friend. But hope its a fun one regardless.

7:08 PM  

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