Rock the house

Can’t. talk. ‘zausted.

(New spelling rule: If removing the first letter of a word in order to convey how much effort it would be to actually pronounce the whole word, puts “xh” at the front, then replacing that letter combination with its phonetic equivalent is best. Mmmkay?)

Guess how many times Lowe’s was graced with a face from Quinnland this weekend?
Wrong. FIVE.

Number of rooms we planned to overhaul this weekend:

Number of rooms actually overhauled:
Two (TV room and bedroom, which look fabulous, just so you know). Because we were on a roll. Also, are crazed painter/decorators with delusions of Extreme Home Makeover grandeur.

Amount of credit card abuse perpetrated yesterday alone:
Oh, the humanity.

What the clock read when we finally lurched upstairs to bed:
1:13 a.m.

What the clock read the last time I looked at it despairingly:
2:16 a.m.

Number of times I woke up in the night: Four (Mind racing. Body aching. Sinuses plotting mutiny).

Number of times murdering the spouse and burying the body out back was considered, according to Monk: One.

According to Quinn: Twelve.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Congrats on the house stuff. What a major accomplishment!

Also, I can so relate to the waking up, mind racing, sinus mutany!

2:27 PM  

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