The massage class, as you know, has been full of drama lately. This must be Life making an extra effort just to give me something to write about. Thanks, Life! I appreciate the plot twists, and your comedic timing is impeccable!

Ms. IEP was late getting to the classroom last night, so a lively discussion regarding Winston and his many great ideas took place between the students. "Don't worry," said I, "there's no way the schedule will be changed on us." "I'm still waiting for the creep to pop in during massage practice" groaned a classmate. "Oh, [Ms. IEP] took care of that!" the student across the room declared, "I'm glad we can count on her to stand up to him for us." "Yeah," I said, "she may glare at me from time to time but I'm still glad she's teaching us." "She glares at me, too!" another classmate exclaimed, "but I do think we've probably got the best person teaching us." "Exactly," someone else agreed, "whatever else happens, as long as we have [Ms. IEP] as our teacher, we're good."

Which is when, of course, Ms. IEP came in and told us she would no longer be teaching our class. Officially, the 28th will be her last day. As for a replacement, that seems to be anybody's guess. Hopefully someone will step up. They hope to have someone in place next week (just as our avalanche of testing gets under way).

Ha HA, Life! This is a good one! I bet you thought I was going to cry last night as I sat there in class, trying to juggle this new curveball with my general anxiety about school and tests, fatigue, memorization of massage strokes and sequences, the lack-of-calf complex and Winston phobia. Indeed, my eyes, they were a-burnin' as I threw my back into stopping the runaway train of thought ("but I know what to expect with Ms. IEP! I know what she expects from me! I know exactly how to prepare for each test, and know that she will review us efficiently every time! I trusted her to get me through the State Boards! What if the new teacher isn't qualified to teach us? What if she lets Winston do whatever he wants? What if she's horrible and vague and doesn't believe in reviewing for tests and won't highlight what we absolutely have to know for State and what if she changes the sequences on us and, and, and...!"). But I did not cry, and I did not vent my consternation and frustration, even though Ms. IEP invited our thoughts. Because she has her reasons for this decision, and you do what you have to do, and things could be worse, like war, and same sex marriage bans, and the government seems to think they are in charge of my uterus, and starving children in Africa...

Of course, there is a chance the new teacher will be just as good and qualified as Ms. IEP. There's a possibility that she'll lead us into our State Board exams with confidence and perfectly aligned chakras. She may even be better than Ms. IEP and not take a subtle but instant disliking to me, making me squirm at least once each evening under the mighty glare of death. "Uh uh," chuckles Life, "that's not how I roll." We were told that one of the replacement candidates shares Ms. IEP's massage stroke style, but not her sense of humor. Less humor than Ms. IEP? Stay tuned for tales of the Massage Nazi ("No passing grade for you!").

After finally drifting off and then waking every hour on the hour last night, I am obviously in fine shape to weather whatever storm gathers over our heads tonight. Perhaps I will start drinking before class, after all.

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Good luck. I hope the next teacher is even better. :-)

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