Pop quizzes suck, no matter how old you are

[edited to remove job-specific commentary. And there was much rejoicing.]

But. Remember Mt. Work erupting? Ended up staying late, which still would have given me 10 minutes to review before class. I could probably read a lot of my chicken scratch class notes in 10 minutes.

But. Fuel gauge was below "E," and I am determined not to be one of those people you see returning to their stalled car on the side of the road, tremulously grasping the handle of their plastic gasoline jug. (It's not like I laugh at those people as I whizz on by, wondering how on earth a person can be so idiotic as to run out of gas, in this day and age! Well, I don't laugh every time.) Stopped for gas, got to class with one minute to change out of work mode (and clothes) into massage therapist mode (and drawstring awesomeness). "Well," I consoled myself, "Ms. IEP cancelled class last Thursday, so she'll probably take it easy this evening and catch us up."

Nope, pop quiz in Anatomy & Physiology! Which I failed, abominably (or should I say, abdominally? Ha! Ha! Snort! Oh, someone slap me). The rest of the class did too, which made me feel better but won us a lecture about Taking Class Seriously and doing the reading and studying (and, what, Ms. IEP, perhaps showing up consistently instead of canceling the class 45 minutes before everyone has to be there? Hmmm???), so we all hung our heads and thanked our lucky stars that the pop quizzes are a product of Ms. IEP's quest to win Tough Broad of the Year and not, in fact, part of our grade.

Tonight is the first night with our new teacher, a seemingly gentle woman who will hopefully share our aversion to surprise attacks on our academic confidence. If not, I'll just spend the weekend trying to remember how cheat sheets work (and how small do they need to be to fit into your shoe, really?). Feel free to send me some pointers. Or a baseball cap with a really big bill.

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Blogger Lisa said...

You just crack me up. You are so funny and smart. Anyway...

Hope this new teacher turns out to be great.

10:31 PM  

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