19 months later...

A year and a half of being shut away in an alcove of the boss’s kitchen.

A year and a half of having to fill in for an often indisposed housekeeper when the laundry service, repair men and UPS people came to the door. Or waiting for a caterer to arrive for a personal party when I’m supposed to be at class, but can’t leave because Boss’s husband won’t come home from work, preferring to take my presence in the house (and lack of a life, apparently) for granted…

A year and a half of being surrounded by odd photos of Boss Lady’s relatives, grocery lists and discarded newspapers, and nothing to call my own.

A year and a half of having my desk drawer ransacked and my computer messed with every time one of the boss’s sons came home on break.

A year and a half of sharing a bathroom with a housekeeper who camped out in there an average of 3 times each day, 40 minutes each time.

A year and a half of pretending to sympathize when Errand Man, Housekeeper or Handy Man would bitch about Boss and her husband.

A year and a half of needing help around the office. Desperately. Despairingly.

A year and a half of not being able to take a break like the rest of the normal, working world.

A year and a half of not being able to rearrange anything at my desk because (again) it wasn’t my house.

A year and a half of back pain from sitting in a “desk chair” that was more decorative than functional.

A year and a half of trying to make phone calls fit around the droning of the leaf blower or the vacuuming that seemed to occur 80 times a day (why is it so impossible to just vacuum a room? Just do the whole room! Don’t do a fourth of the rug, fold some laundry, do another fourth, pester the boss’s assistant, back to the rug…).

A year and a half of Housekeeper asking me questions like “Does peanut butter make your husband constipated?” and “When’s the last time you had a mammogram?” Oh, and “Have you ever used Monistat?”

My new office has a door and a window, and is blissfully quiet in the afternoons. I can start setting up my personal effects whenever I want. And my new assistant (her favorite Golden Girl is Rose, by the way) is currently working on a most tedious project, so here I am, reunited with my good friend the Internet. I have arrived.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Yeay YOU! So happy for you. The past 18 months sound kind of sucky!

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