"Almost" is close enough for me

Well hellooo, Internet. Oh how I've missed you. Between trips to and from the new office space, furniture order & delivery shenanigans, the traumatic and sudden severing of our telephone and internet wires by clumsy (and, I must say, indifferent) construction workers, you have been hard to reach lately. But lo, the storm is clearing, and as soon as I get this jungle of over-sized boxes in my new tiny office (hey, it's better than my old tiny office, fondly referred to as The Hole) transformed into a desk and file cabinet, I will finally be able to pull myself up out of the pit of Too Much Work And No Office To Do It In. Unfortunately, Boss Lady isn't able to access our network from the home office yet, so she won't be able to work in the new office for another week or so.

I know, I'm crying for her, too.

So, hopefully by Friday, dear Internet, the dust will have settled; we can pour ourselves a drink and have a niiice long chat. Be here or be square. Or something like that.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Sounds like life has been really crazy for you...

3:22 PM  

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