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Last night a former student of the massage school came in to be our "victim." I drew the lucky straw and worked on him for an hour, and then we all sat down to ask him questions about the state board exams. It was fairly informative, but through it all I was a little weirded out. I kept thinking, "wait a minute, I've dated you." I swear I spent a couple of years with the Massage Dude's doppelganger. The hair, the voice, the mannerisms, the body, the expressions, the laugh... At the end of our Q & A I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy him a beer or smack him upside the head, and I very pointedly (and three times!) checked out his hands to see if he had any fingernails. Some of you will now have a very good picture of Massage Dude in your head. Some of you will still be in the dark.

Ah, trust me, it ain't that interesting, either way.


On another note of weird, I had a dream last night that the San Antonio Spurs were guests of honor at this huge banquet dinner I was attending. They sat at my table because they knew me from the reality t.v. show I'd done with them the previous summer. On the team: Rob Schneider (hilarious but major halitosis), Bam, and a dark-skinned Mini Me. Oh, and some random guy named Mark that I think was their manager. Or boy toy. The Spurs were having a blast, but a little ticked off at all the trouble they were having, trying to change their name from the "San Antonio Spurs" to the "San Antonio-Austin-and-Houston Spurs."


Now, I'd better skedaddle so I can call the management office about this giant puddle that has resulted from today's thunderstorm and a leaky window. Shoddy workmanship, anyone? Hell, I'd better skedaddle before the whole place falls apart.

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Yup, kind of a wierd dream...

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