If I've seemed a little MIA lately it's only because I've been so busy, plotting ways to do away with Boss Lady and make it look like a Tragic Accident, along with repeating (times a billion) everything I've ever explained to the Assistant, to the point that I could create the training handbook in my sleep. People, I spend more time correcting the mistakes she makes than the time she spends making those mistakes. And yet, I'm patient and professional to such an extreme that she probably has no clue I'm about to snap, grab her by the shoulders, ask her how on earth she's managed to bring her children safely into their teen years, and then ask her, ever so nicely, to please promise me that she will declare, right this instant, a moratorium on interrupting me, swearing in front of me, closing her eyes when she types (I can only guess this is the cause of some of the errors?) and breeding. Okay, that last one would just be a bonus.

Time to go dig the Boss trap, cover it with leaves and bait it with an ugly painting. I'll camouflage myself in French Country upholstery patterns and wait for the big ta-da behind the decorative (cord's missing) lamp. Maybe, after Boss Lady takes the plunge, I can throw the Assistant in with her.

Well, a girl can dream.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Yeah.... That sounds like a seriously necessary dream.

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