I'm just a work machine

ATTN: The first major paragraph of this post is very worky work, and I frankly do not have time to edit it for the interesting bits ('course then, we might not have a new entry here, people), so feel free to skip to the second paragraph which will still give the gist of what's a-happenin'.

I know- You wish you could get a warning every time a post contains Boring Overload.

Too bad, suckers.


[edited to remove work-related commentary. And there was much rejoicing.]

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Blogger Lisa said...

Wow. WHat a day. I need a nap just thinking about that one.

And yes, a post of mine did disappear. The hubs and I hadn't been getting along and if he would have found that post, it would be a helluvalot worse. So I decided to take it off.

10:22 PM  

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