Please baby, not so hard.

Sometimes I'm giving a massage and thinking "wow, I am really rockin' this massage! Am the awesomest massage therapist, ever!"

But. Every now and then I find myself in a situation thinking "wow, this is like trying to bend a rock. This back? Is granite-countertop-hard." Guess which scenario I had last night. Spent an hour trying to grasp, pull and stretch muscles that were so locked up they formed a smooth, solid plane of armor, blocking my assault on her back. It was like trying to bury your fingers into a wall, people.

(Seriously. Later today, go over to a wall, pretend it's bread dough, and attempt to knead it. You will then understand how tense this client was.)

(You will also understand that I am an expert descriptionist.)


(You will also understand how it feels to be looked at like you are a little bit crazy.)

Inexplicably, Our Lady of the Brick Back seemed to have enjoyed the massage very much, and took my suggestion of a 90-minute session next time (with ME, lady! Write the name down! Must finish this internship!) to heart. Hopefully she will come in next week and we can make some headway. I think I will have to let my elbows and forearms star in that show, or refer Our Lady to a deep tissue therapist. Or a steamroller.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Eeek. THat sounds sort of like my lower back... I need one of those too.

3:38 PM  

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