2 steps from the finish line

Thanks to a Dallas woman who I will have seen three times in one week by Saturday afternoon (addicted to my special brand of healing touch, wink wink nudge) (no, really, I'm good, apparently) (in a completely non-lewd, totally therapeutic sort of way - this client just can't get enough of me) (on the other hand, maybe three visits in a week means I'm really, really, ridiculously ineffective), this weekend will mark the completion of my massage internship. Starting Monday I'll be "on call" (like a doctor! maybe I should rethink my deeply-rooted bias against Scrubs on Massage Therapists and just go with the whole misrepresentin' flow), for regular clients specifically requesting a session with yours truly.

Hmmm... that first paragraph? A whole lot of wordy blandness to meander to its anticlimactic point: I'm almost done, people! Next week I'll apply to take the written part of the State exam and spend 4-6 weeks (according to the website) doing the study/massage/freakout dance. Hurry it up, test application processing gods! The sooner I take the written part, the sooner I can go down to Austin for the practical exam (which will be another month-long application process). So, obviously, the sooner I'll have my license. Which means: The sooner I can quit my job.

(You know how you can say/write a word so many times it begins to sound/look too strange to be a real word? Yeah.)


Unfortunately, the phase coming up next involves the Battle of the Two Anxieties: The let's-get-on-with-it type as described above, but also the WAIT! I-need-plenty-of-time-to-study-everything-I've-forgotten-from-class variety. And people who barely know me keep coming up to me and obnoxiously promising that I'll breeze through the exam. To these people I say, oh ho! You have no idea the magnitude of failure my test anxiety is capable of bringing! Also, shhhh! Don't challenge the beast to prove its might, with your empty promises and tampon commercial attitudes!

And that's all she wrote for the celebratory/freakout moment of the day.


In other news, someone I read regularly has been dooced this week. If you're wondering why you can't find any old posts that describe my job, my company, idiotic work exchanges or descriptions of my boss it's because you are obviously mistaking me for someone who would include such details on her site, which is never updated while she is working, by the way- you can set those post times and dates to whatever you want them to be so that's not really reliable data- and also Hi, Company! I love my job! You're the best! Just kidding about quitting someday! Smooches!

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Blogger Lisa said...

Yeay for you almost being done!

11:12 PM  
Anonymous skyhawk said...

Howdy from OSH -- Once your time in PA hell is complete, will you be reposting your work tales? I understand why you deleted it all, but that was some great stuff!

11:41 PM  

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