But what about OUR routine?

Little Niece is coming to stay at our place for the weekend. This severely cuts into the regularly scheduled weekend activities such as Drinking, Doing Nothing, and/or Reading 3 Books in 2 Days. As much as we love the little girl, we also love not having to deal with her tantrums, her refusal to take naps, and the 10 o'clock (but only if someone lays down with her) bedtime. Monk and I have been advised not to spend the weekend trying to change her "routine," since it will be futile and frustrating and ultimately fruitless after her parents return anyway. Which calls to the stage another F-word I can think of, but now is not the time to fall apart.

Sure, I'll be able to escape to my massage appointments tomorrow, and Monk will undoubtedly skate his troubles away sometime Sunday, but overall we will be running around frantically trying to keep Little Niece entertained, rested, clean, happy, dressed, and fed (FED?! You mean she eats more than once a day?! We have to think about things like BREAKFAST and LUNCH and SNACKS?! Where's the tapeworm?!) while our quiet expectations of recovery and recharging for the next workweek are flushed merrily down the toilet.

Good thing Little Niece is unbelievably adorable, clever as hell, and can make us laugh so hard our faces hurt, or I really wouldn't be looking forward to this weekend.

Thank gawd it's only for the weekend.

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