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I thought about writing a detailed post about our weekend with a 2 year old, but since I’m not a mommy, and this ain’t that kind of blog, I changed my mind at the last minute and opted, instead, to slap a summary blurb up here and call it a Monday.

(Also keeping it short so as not to unleash my big ranty rant about other people’s parenting and teaching bad habits and not setting boundaries and so on, because, since I haven’t actually reproduced, I obviously have no knowledge or experience of children and would probably be burned at the stake for letting a parent/child-related opinion fall out of my mouth.)

The weekend went as well or better than we’d expected. We were able to run a few errands and even the vacuum at one point, as well as get Little Niece to bed at a more reasonable time than she’s used to, so Monk and I could have a beer and a moment to ourselves before we too collapsed each night. We kept everything as calm and familiar for her as possible, while shocking her with a strange parenting method rooted in the following theory: You’re 2: You’re Not Running the Show, We Are. And the taser helped, too.

I’m just kidding about the taser, of course. We shocked the dogs to show her what would happen if she didn’t behave, and she learned from that example real good, y’all. For the rest of the weekend, all we had to do was wave it at her, and she’d go back in the corner where she belonged.

Oh, stop. We don’t own a taser.

And she didn’t spend any time in the corner.

Anyway, it was a little sad when we dropped her at Sister’s friend’s house last night (Sis returns this evening), but the great big cocktail I enjoyed when we came home sure helped ease the pain. When I called Sister’s friend this morning to see how Little Niece was doing, the friend told me “I don’t know what you did this weekend, but” apparently Little Niece miraculously went to bed with no fuss, no muss last night. As it should be, when you've had a weekend of structure, interaction, healthy food, routines and exercise. No worries, though- I'm sure a day of Kool-Aid, no nap, and more sugar will get her back to normal before Sister comes back.

Stay tuned for more interesting news later this week. Or don’t, since we’re still recovering from the weekend and have zero plans besides 1) get up, 2) work, 3) lay around/stuff face, and 4) sleep.

This week rocks.

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Blogger Lisa said...

HA! My child has spent some time in the corner! And what usually scares him straight is to say, (at least in a public place)"You know, I'm pretty sure I can find a corner in here."

We like to use a cattle prod to enhance the "corner time" when needed.


8:43 PM  

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