What I did on my summer vacation '06

Another Labor Day lazy-fest down at Surfside Beach. There's something to be said for trying new things, but I'd also argue there's something pretty fantastic about the tradition of heading to a cheap little beach house for our birthdays. Hell, if this plants us firmly in a rut, I don't want to get out. If you're into these things, you'd be jealous to hear how many books I read (9) or movies we watched (7, I think), hours spent lounging around with the waves as our background music (lots), walks taken along the water (about 3/day), and dips in the ocean (okay, not many of those- especially not after the crab attack that was launched on my heel the first night we were there).

(I don't think Monk believes me that a vicious monster crab tried to slice my foot to shreds when I went frolicking with the dogs in the waves. But I stand firm in my claim, especially since "vicious monster crab" sounds so much better than "sharp-ish, possibly metal, piece of trash buried under the sand.")

You'd also be green with envy knowing how many brain cells died a violent death at the hands of many beers and all the vodka cocktails. And FYI: In a pinch, or just to shake things up, raspberry and orange vodkas mix pretty well, especially when you use Coke as the glue that holds it all together.

(If you were Monk you'd argue that we didn't really kill any brain cells, but you'd be wrong. You'd just be very, very wrong and we'd possibly get into an argument about brain cells and what alcohol does to them and the difference between meaning something metaphorically or intending it to be taken as a technical truth, and your wife would have to put a stop to the discussion by stating that since you DID! INDEED! kill more brain cells than usual over the long weekend you are obviously in no position to grasp the concept or understand the technical pointblank fact of the matter, and in no way do you have the mental capacity to be even arguing the issue anyway thank you very much and we're done here.)

(There may have been a bit of a nicotine fest over the holiday as well- the withdrawal from which, now that we're back to real life, could possibly be contributing to some of us being a bit crankier than usual.)

But if you're not into any of those things I've already mentioned, you probably will not be interested in our other activities like

1) Watching the ocean from our deck. And being disappointed when more and more neighbors showed up as the weekend progressed.

2) Not wasting our time building a sand castle, that's for sure. And if we did build one, it would have been wayyy better than this piece of shit. Stupid kids.

Oh geez, you know I'm kidding about the kids of course. For all we know, this could have been created by a group of highly intoxicated adults.

3) Laughing at how tired the dogs were from all the walks on the beach...

3.5) Or maybe it was all the beer.

4) Being impressed at how adept Monk was at capturing our sunrises. I'm pretty sure all the truly beautiful sunrise photos this year were his.

5) Being even more impressed (appalled?) with how quickly I've become the opposite of photogenic over the last few years. It's a hard life, people, and I'm starting to realize that Youth, she is fleeting. So I figured I'd cover myself in white terry cloth and a floppy hat- if you can't beat it, join it. Or something like that.

You know it's bad when one of the dogs seems embarrassed to be seen with you.

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Blogger Lisa said...

You crack me up. The sunset photos ARE amazing. I think looking at it just lowered my blood pressure.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Pickle said...

Before I'd read that last sentence, I wondered why the dog was looking so meek.

I'm jealous of all of it, especially getting all that reading done. I don't think I've read 9 books in the past 5 years.

4:12 AM  

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