Wrap it up, Spotty

I went to the clinic last night to discuss my continuing education and massage practice options. Have I mentioned that the clinic near the office unexpectedly shut its doors during our beach weekend and left me blindsided, with no way to contact my regular clients, and no record of my hours, continuing education credits, or tip money owed to me? As interesting as all that was, I had no time to really ruminate, as the State Exam was haunting my consciousness like an obnoxious ghost, or that friend we all have that we never call, and never return their calls, and never send them a birthday card, and yet they keep popping up, never getting the damn hint… Okay, it really wasn’t like that at all, but whatever. It’s a little tricky to write about stuff while practically being in a vegetative state from fatigue.

There’s another clinic near our house which is actually the Original Clinic, started by the owner before she branched out. Original Clinic is where I went last night. After being talked at for 30 minutes by the newly-appointed business office manager, I walked out knowing only that she thinks God is amazing and also that she can see my aura. I’m assuming everything will work out smoothly when I go in next week to put myself on the schedule. I understand this is a pretty large assumption to make, and we all know what happens when we assume, but there you go.


Does anyone know how the hell a person is supposed to plan a baby shower when normally she avoids them like The Herpes, isn’t too fond of babies in the first place, and the guests aren’t RSVP-ing the way they should? And the two people that have been pestering her to let them help out are impossible to reach?

One has laughingly told me that her son unplugs the answering machine a lot (ha ha ha, that’s hysterical how often this keeps you out of the loop and interferes with your life on a daily basis! Kids are great, aren’t they?), and the other’s number has been disconnected.


In the wee hours of this morning, I had a dream about living in an episode of Full House, but the Tanner family was actually half human, half beast. The show was titled Houseful of Wildebeests. There’s really nothing I can add to that right now.


Also dreamt about playing soccer for hours. The ball was red and sticky and as we kicked it all over the field (I’ve never looked better in shin guards, nor displayed such fancy footwork by the way) it became smaller and smaller until it was about the size of a dot from one of those laser penlight things, and only half as bright.


I had about 5 other rapidfire dreams that I won’t detail here (and don’t think I didn’t hear that collective sigh of relief). I’m pretty sure this is what happens when you hit the Snooze button about 9 times before finally rolling out of bed, collapsing on the floor next to the dog, dragging yourself to the bathroom, lurching into the shower, etc. etc. etc.

Right. Time to make a coffee run before I really get the rambles and we're stuck here all day.

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