Cold Feet

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all 4.5 of my readers for your concern about my recent stupid-induced injuries. Rest assured, I am recovering quickly, and the bruise on my thigh really only bothers me when I try to sit all ladylike by crossing my legs. Which, you might have guessed, is not really a problem since we all know by now that I ain't no lady.


You know your body has finally adjusted to the Texas climate when you wake up to a morning in the 50s, and the 10 second (but windy. Cripes, so windy) walk from the car to the office has you so chilled you find yourself sitting in front of the computer sporting a dead sexy layered look: Long sleeve fleece shirt, zip up sweater, heavy sweatshirt jacket, with a blanket wrapped around your legs as though someone will come in to wheel you back to the nursing home any moment now.

In my defense, there's a draft coming from the window. The big, floor to ceiling window in my office on the twelfth floor of this office building. I'm thinking there shouldn't actually be a BREEZE coming at me from this structure, but hey, what do I know about buildings and sealing giant panes of glass properly and all that.


Tomorrow I'm taking the day off from work to supervise our countertop installation (an earth tone faux quartz pattern to replace the white which, considering we haven't done any painting or preparation for this, will look fantastic with the bright yellow walls of the kitchen), squeeze too many errands into too little time after that, and of course freak out regarding the massage therapy practical exam (scheduled for Saturday morning in Austin). My run-through with a former teacher last night confirmed my ineptitude with the spiel and demo: I am indeed afraid, very afraid. I will return to Dallas Saturday evening and begin drinking heavily- whether in celebration or mourning, only time will tell.

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Blogger Lisa said...

You crack me up. Wheeling you back to the home. heehee.

I think we got the same kind of countertop you guys are getting. Only in a different color. Take pics once its finished, please!

11:07 PM  

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