Icing on the cake

When one of the dogs ralphed on the new carpet, not 24 hours after its installation, I'm sure Monk breathed a sigh of relief, glad he was not the first one to "christen" it. I'm just as sure that his sighs were not of the relieved variety when he came home yesterday to find that one of the dogs (different one this time- they enjoy tormenting us on a rotating schedule), suffering from some unknown digestive issue, had decorated the edges of her crate, creating a rather unpleasant border which had taken full advantage of the hours we were at work to sink deep into the carpet and the padding beneath it. And no, we're not talking vomit. So yes, it really was that bad. At least, so Monk tells me. I suppose we've found the one advantage to my long commute.

I did help scrub the carpet later and most of the nasty came out. Along with a layer of carpet fibers. I don't know too much about carpet, but I do know that if the carpet sample you pull and poke during the estimate doesn't produce little tufts of beige, and the carpet installed in your living room does, chances are you received the wrong carpet. I have less of a problem with the carpet falling apart than I do with the fact that we overpaid to such moronic proportions. There's Reasonably Overpaying (paying for convenience, which we expected to do) and then there's Sucker-y Overpaying (paying what we did and being able to pull the carpet up by the handful two weeks later). Now I get to call Empire and probably be told there is nothing they can do, that one of the tiny-print sentences on the contract we signed noted that we are pathetic suckers and should be treated as such, and that's what you get when you find yourself in an emergency carpet replacement situation, and you'll enjoy your new crappy [no pun intended] carpet and you'll like it, or at least you'll shut the hell up about it. Suckers.

The dog seems to be feeling better though, so that's something.

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