Progress, whining and no, I still don't know

Another weekend spent immersed in home improvement: I obliterated the aggressive yellow in our kitchen and replaced it with a nice, neutral earth tone/stone color, while Monk helped our brother-in-law install a new fence around the backyard. The fence is nearly completed- a bigger, better version of what we had that will encompass the driveway (rear entry house that backs onto an alley) and make our little postage stamp of a yard seem twice as large. The new fence is so formidable in appearance already, that every time I step outside I hear a low, gravelly voice murmur in my ear, “Welcome to the Compound.”

Last night we painted some cabinets in the kitchen; eventually we will screw in the new hardware, whip off the masking tape and reveal the results of the facelift. Should be a smarter, sharper-looking space. Painting cabinets and re-hanging the doors is slow work, people. Our kitchen is small and I’ve always thought the cabinet allotment a bit ridiculous (and by “ridiculous,” I mean “unbelievably stingy”), until I had to prime and paint each one. Now I’m convinced we have an Overabundance of Cabinet in there.

I’m not sure where else to take this home improvement summary, and as we don’t have any finished project to triumph over just yet, I’ll let the previous paragraphs stand as a testament to how very exciting our life continues to be.


Tonight I will head over to Sister’s place to admire the Niece in her Tinkerbell costume, while Monk stays home and divides his time between more cabinet priming and handing out candy to the local hoodlums. I assured him (hopefully, wistfully) that I wouldn’t be gone very long, but Sister hinted yesterday that she might hand Niece off to me and “let” me lead the toddler from door-to-door while she and her husband relax at home and dole out treats to their neighborhood punks. I’m not sure I see the logic in this, and while my inner bitch yells “that’s not fair! I’m not the parent! And after working all day and dealing with traffic the LAST thing I want to do is play babysitter!” the outer One Who Plays Nicely will probably just smile and nod, and quietly add another brick to her Mud Hut of Resentment.

I'd better - at the very least - get some candy out of the deal, or heads are gonna roll.

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Blogger Nervous Girl said...

Heh heh - Mud Hut of Resentment, I like that. Hope you don't get shafted on the fun & treats.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I think that if you took the niece door-to-door, you should get first choice at her bag and take all of the stuff YOU love. Only fair that way...

11:49 PM  

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