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Well hello again! Three days in a row of posting, aren’t I clingy and desperate? Actually, this is the equivalent of roses and wine,* to make up for the fact that I probably won’t be posting at all next week, what with the out-of-town-‘til-Tuesday thing, and the week-of-parents-visiting thing and that silly Thanksgiving thing.

What’s that, you ask, what’s this about going out of town? With all the non-excitement of the kitchen makeover and the new baby I forgot to mention that Monk and I are flying out to Indiana tomorrow to spend 3 days with my brother. We will be fighting over the couch in his apartment (loser gets to sleep in a chair) (and by "loser," I mean "Monk"), sharing a bathroom with 3 other people of the male persuasion, and celebrating Brother’s 21st birthday Monday night. I’ve been told there may be a house party at the apartment and have since been trying to find a map that’ll lead me back to the days I was hip enough (and could hold my liquor) to hang properly. No such map exists. The hipness, it never was (the liquor lovin', I assure you, never left).

This is going to be great. And exhausting. And interesting. And knowing me, probably a little awkward.

*except not as pretty and you won’t catch a buzz. So really, it’s not the “equivalent.” Not at all. God I suck.

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Hope the trip is fun! :-)

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