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No time for a proper post today (okay that's a lie, I'm just feeling lazy) but I thought I'd offer some eye candy to distract you while I try to come up with something to say tomorrow. Two weeks ago we finished the kitchen's facelift, and I now have the evidence to back it up. Sure, the appliances are still old, and the tv cabinet has yet to be painted, and the light fixtures need to be replaced... but I'd say we're definitely through with the room making-over for 2006.

Did you know that we actually chose this shade of yellow after we moved in? We thought it would brighten up the place. For two years instead, it assaulted our retinas and created a strong urge to break out the Play-Doh. Towards the end of its reign of terror it sneakily planted the seeds of xanthophobia deep in my soul.

So we finally got off our lazy asses and did something about it. We also decided to be grown-ups and get the laundry out of the kitchen for a change, dammit.

AFTER, again, in a different light:

Did you know how difficult it is to re-hang cabinet doors? I know, I know, it seems so simple. But it's not! It's not simple at all! And there is much swearing and teeth grinding and general irritation involved! Then again, maybe we are simple. Maybe the problem lies with us, not the cabinet doors. Actually, that sounds about right.

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Blogger Beck said...

Totally love the black cabinets. (They are black, right? Or are they just dark?) It looks GREAT.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous skyhawk said...

Much better! Adds a nice postmodern feel to the kitchen, and wraps nicely with the living and dining rooms.

(Scary how much I just sounded like an interior decorator. Add this to my affinity for small dogs and, well... )

11:53 AM  

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