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Most of our Thanksgiving break was spent with my parents, my sister, Sister’s husband and their two kids, eating (and drinking) too much and watching everyone gang up on Clod (Sister’s husband). Not that the dude doesn’t deserve it, but if every visit with Monk’s family resulted in a group of people making fun of me, or my in-laws lecturing me on my less-than-perfect character and my (many) flaws as a human being… I’d be running unnecessary errands or hiding out with the XBox all day, too. Monk spent a lot of time in the backyard with Clod, listening to his side of things and explaining, tactfully, how to improve his track record at home.*

I, on the other hand, did not have the pleasure of any real conversation with the dude the entire week (see: XBox; Unnecessary Errands). In fact, the only time I remember having a lengthy exchange with him was on Saturday at the emergency vet clinic, while waiting with Sister to find out if her cat would die. FYI, wallpaper stripper might burn the pads of its feet, and does indeed cause respiratory distress after said feet have been licked, but fortunately it will take more than that to actually kill a cat. Just in case you were wondering.

Other bits of fun from Thanksgiving Week: My father took some measurements and will use his architectural skills to draw up a plan for our bathroom renovation. We’ve decided to just bite the bullet and convert our
tiny bathroom into a more standard master bath with a walk-in closet (oops, there I go drooling again), in the hopes of someone actually wanting to buy the house from us at some point in the next few years. Plus, increasing debt is awesome.

My mother, Queen of Not Letting Things Go, got a bug up her ass about our shed issues (it’s monstrous, takes up too much space, but damn y’all, new sheds are expensive), figured out who to call to get the shed moved, called him, and voila! (also: Thanks for doing the legwork for us, mom! I guess my laziness finally paid off!) Our shed is now out of the way on the other side of our driveway, and waiting for some plexi-glass and wood to convert it into a half-storage/half-greenhouse structure. Which I’m sure we’ll complete... eventually. We just need to get through the next few weeks of corporate holiday parties, working at the clinic, weekend trips (visiting family, because we just can’t get enough Family Time), and the credit card bill that is towering over our heads, threatening to collapse and kill us all at any second.

And somehow I need to come up with the tuition for another massage course scheduled to start in January. Because apparently the crazy school + work schedule, tons of reading, pop quiz freakouts, and major stressing over a huge exam was simply too fun to only experience once.

*Silly, optimistic Monk, thinking anything he said sunk in… A phone call from Sister this morning revealed that Clod, in an effort to win their millionth argument of the month, reported to his wife that I told him (following me so far?) our "mother is out of control" and that our father simply "goes along with whatever she tells him to do." Of course I asked her to tell him that the next time he fabricates a quote from me to support his argument, he should make sure he and I have actually had a conversation that week (and one that doesn't involve wallpaper stripper and its possibly-lethal effect on cats).

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Ah, family...

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In-laws. Yup....


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