I’ve just reviewed my last post and the whole greenhouse-slash-shed project jumped out at me. I think a big What-the-Fuck is in order, because, what the fuck? When did I become someone who nonchalantly mentions building a greenhouse in their backyard as though it’s all a normal part of their day? Casually mentioning a greenhouse. Seriously, am I that lame now? When I throw out my razor and send away for my dreadlocks starter kit will somebody please come over and smack me?

But the greenhouse idea is solid. The greenhouse is happening. Stop laughing. You’ll rue the day you mocked it when I’m enjoying 12 pounds of zucchini next summer and you’re wishing you had some fresh, free produce. I’m talking major rue. Major.


This weekend Monk and I will attend his company’s Senior Management holiday party. And this year the party has a fun and exciting (if “fun and exciting” means “SO not looking forward to this, but couldn’t get out of it”) western theme! I’m anticipating platters of food swimming in barbecue sauce and some kind of torture-in-the-form-of-square-dancing activity on the agenda. The attendees are expected to rock their western wear, which apparently means jeans and a sport coat for the men, and... I-have-no-idea-what for the women. Since I seem to have misplaced my fringed clothing, and couldn’t get over to the Mesquite Rodeo this week to borrow something from the barrel racers, I’m wearing my leather pants. I was advised to pair them with a red top, but after buying and returning three red tops I finally settled on a black sweater-ish thing that has some sparkly things on it (you know, nothing says Festive Holiday Gear like black + sparkle!). Plus, now that I’ll be clad in all-black, I can pretend to be a rockstar. Or Batman. If I can score a cowboy hat while we’re out and about tomorrow morning, that’ll be aces. Hat or no hat, you’ll find me glued to the open bar tomorrow night, plotting a quick-footed bolt to the ladies’ room should anyone try to lasso me onto the dance floor.


Sidenote: If you've switched to the "new Blogger," is it better? Can non-Blogger people comment, or do all comments need to come from Google/Blogger account holders?

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Blogger Lisa said...

I would LOVE to have a greenhouse! So envious.

And I hope the party is fun... Open bar.. SOunds promising at least...

8:12 PM  

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