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I will get the holiday recap post up this week, if for nothing else but to reveal the secrets of Flying First Class on a 777, but today I’m floating around in Snoozeville so that post will have to wait. Hey, let’s talk a little about blogging, shall we? And just so we’re clear, any time I type the word “blog,” I break into a self-mocking little sneer.

--I’m catching up on blogs today, and I have to say I’m glad I put my holiday letter post up before leaving town. It’s a good feeling, like leaving work 30 minutes early to beat rush hour traffic, sailing along the highway and glancing in your rearview mirror to glimpse the nest of barely-moving traffic in your wake. But I loved reading all the holiday letters everyone posted. Too. damn. funny.

--On the flight home last night (I’m such a tease, I know), I read most of a book written by a blogger-turned-author. I’m not sure why I added the book to my stack at Borders before the trip, especially considering the fact that I’ve read this person’s blog and didn’t think much of her writing. Or maybe the writing was okay, but her online personality was a little hard to take. Whatever, I’d read a few weeks’ worth of posts then never clicked over to her site again. So of course I bought her book. I should say right off the bat that I’m not that enthusiastic about this current trend of gathering blog posts together and calling it a book. I think this only works when the book makes no pretense of being just a compilation of past blog posts on paper. And I think this only works well when the blogger is exceptionally smart and witty, and never takes him/herself or the book project seriously from the beginning, and certainly never presumes that this published compilation makes him/her A Writer. And also? One should not slam fellow bloggers’ writing skills (or lack thereof) in said book, when those very same virtual people are the reason anyone found the blog-to-one-day-be-a-book in the first place. It’s nice to link those who link to you, but then publishing your thoughts that those contributors to your fame are “boring,” or that their “writing [is] bad,” may not be the best career move and is probably not an integral part of the plot anyway. Then, when the “author” of one of these blog-into-book projects also decides to intersperse those recycled posts with more diary-ish writing, changes her own character’s name, then calls it a memoir… I hadn’t realized I could be confused and bored simultaneously. Is it fiction? Is it a memoir? Is it a thinly-veiled (and angry and bitter) venue in which to get back at your ex-boyfriend? Anyway. Four hours of my life I’ll never get back. But because I always root for those with big, beautiful dreams of drawing an income from their creativity, I’m going to stop this rant/review before it gets specific and libelous and move on.

--If someone doesn’t update their blog more than once a month, do you lose interest and stop checking? Would you take the link to their page down? Or would you just shrug your shoulders and tell yourself to get a grip, that this blogging thing is a personal (usually non-paying) venture, so there shouldn’t be any frequent-posting expectations and really, these bloggers don’t owe your ass anything anyway?

--I kinda sorta started a pit bull debate in the comments section of a pseudo-news blog last week. I'm afraid this is another non-specific rant, as I'd rather the Big, Glaring Non-Facts receive as little exposure as possible. Basically, I commented on the article unnecessarily mentioning the breed of a dog where it wasn't relevant to the story, then someone replied with an ignorant remark revealing that she actually knew nothing about the bully breeds but had clearly bought into (and was now a spouter-offer of) the hype and misinformation from the media. So I scooted back in to enlighten her. Then I realized that my stomach was clenched up, anger ball style, and I thought it might be better off to back slowly out of the post and just let it die. I was in no hurry to continue an inappropriate debate in a comment section when the original post was not at fault for the breed-specific vilifying in the first place (following me so far?). Besides, ignorant people will die or be killed off eventually... The natural selection thing, right? (either that or they'll continue on with the over-population of the planet, anti-gay, pro-life and breed-specific legislation, littering our streets and highways with burger wrappers and fried chicken buckets, and running the country. Fingers crossed!) Unfortunately I couldn't resist this morning and checked the comments section again, only to see an additional non-fact posted there. People, before you begin a debate, pick up a damn book. Click on one of the informative links I've so helpfully posted over to the right. And most importantly, get your head out of your ass. I ask you to please, if nothing else this holiday season, pass the following fact on to your neighbors and family: Pit bulls do not have locking jaws. Where the hell did this myth get started, anyway?

Less of this, more on First Class air transportation later this week.

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Blogger Rob said...

Wow... where did you go again? I'm trying to recall what airline flies the T7 (for "triple-7") on domestic routes... they're most often used on transoceanic routes. (Which probably means the plane you were on was VERY opulently equipped in Y class... did you and Monk have separate "seat-pods"?)

As far as pit bulls, I think the misinformation out there stems from sensational reporting in the media. That's probably where the locking jaw myth came from, too... an overly hyperbole-prone reporter probably reported "the pit bull's jaws locked onto the child" and it took off from there.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Kelley said...

I've been curious about the MimiSmartypants book! Very interesting to hear your take; sounds like something I can live without...

Can't wait to hear about your adventures in first class!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I had heard that blogger had a book but I didn't hear much else. There's a blogger who's really funny who wrote "Bitter is the New Black." (Jenn Lancaster). She's bitingly funny, if you are looking for another read.

Thanks for the review on the Mimi book. Sounds like something I can live without.

8:55 PM  

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