Updating one’s blog on a regular basis has become rather un-trendy lately, have you noticed? It’s as if people have better things to do than yak it up in cyberspace these days.

Things to do like attending corporate holiday parties and square dancing their cares away (that’s right, I joined the Senior Management attendees on the dance floor and took orders from a redneck wearing a wireless mic headset like the good puppet I am) (and yes, it really was every bit as lame as I’d imagined) (but hey, I got to meet the girl from Monk’s office who apparently joins him for regular sushi lunch dates) (no, no, not bothered at all that he's never mentioned this to me).

Things to do like spend all afternoon Sunday massaging my little hands off and then have a fabulous dinner with Skyhawk (which became decidedly unfabulous when he admitted he was planning to move back to New Mexico) (and because I’m a good friend, I’m being all supportive-like) (instead of telling him what I really think of the idea and how pissed off I am right now) (because I do understand, I really do) (but not entirely because damn, man, what the hell?).

Things to do like… good lord, what the hell did we do on Monday night? (I mean, besides watching (at long last) the two-hour finale of The Bachelor and then dreaming an episode of the show that somehow combined their one-on-one date with Fear Factor and the Pirates of the Caribbean?)

Things to do like check out my potential future massage school for the advanced course I’m kind of sort of planning to start next month (except, the person I met with gave me absolutely zero information about the class, never gave me a tour, and then had the nerve to ask if I’d “like to enroll right now?”) (so yeah, I'm gonna need a little more information before I throw money at them).

Things to do like prepare for our upcoming weekend in St. Louis to celebrate the season with Monk’s family (I always get a little tweaked when it comes to packing for trips -“a little?!” grumbles Monk- but the current three-ounces-of-liquid security rules especially throw me) (I hate checking luggage, so I usually just pack a carry-on. But now? I can't carry it on!) (People go a little psycho at baggage claim, have you noticed this? The last trip we took, this woman practically gave me an elbow to the jaw as she shoved me out of the way to get her bag. Settle down, lady- it's called a "baggage carousel" for a reason).

I love parentheses! (The end.)

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Anonymous skyhawk said...

I KNEW it!!!! You're pissed.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Beck said...

I'm all about sentence fragments. Like this. See? And starting sentences with "but" or "and," which I'm told is a no-no. But I saw it done in a published book once. So it can't be all that bad. Right? But I might have to try out the parentheses. I might fail miserably. But that's what "delete this post" is for.

I hate packing, too.

10:07 AM  

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