And it tasted good

Well folks, I didn't so much make that wall from last week my bitch as I... avoided it completely. However, I did beat up its older, more difficult brother (huh?). But before you all start calling me a badass again, I should own up to the fact that, at the end of the climbing session, well, I was humbled once more.

[SIDENOTE: On one of the climbs I accused Climbsalot of "helping" me- basically pulling me up the route with his big, strong arm muscles instead of letting me reach each hold on my own merit/strength- he denied it vehemently, then declared that on the next route he'd show me "helping," dammit. Well. Turns out I really have been doing it all on my own, as being PULLED STRAIGHT UP A WALL feels very different from actually climbing it. Also? Swoon.]

So Climbsalot and I were playing a bouldering (climbing without ropes, along a wall, instead of up it) game which is similar to playing H-O-R-S-E on the basketball court (except, not really like that at all, but I see your eyes glazing over already so I will not even begin to explain it, and you're welcome). My turn: I was supposed to be getting to the next handhold by crossing a rather wide archway. Climbsalot made it look easy, but I suspect he spends his nights web-slinging and leaping between buildings, so whatever. Long story short: My toe, which had been precariously supporting my body via a tiny bastard knob, decided it had had enough and let go. I imagine what happened as my body slammed into the wall and down towards the floor closely resembled the antics of a beyond-wasted sorority chick attempting to kick a building in the nuts.

Oh my god, are you okay? asked Climbsalot. Sure, that felt really good, let's move on, I muttered. Alright, where were we? he smirked. You mean, before or after I tried to eat the wall, I grimaced.

So I think I actually bruised the bone, if the goose egg rising off my kneecap is any indication. And I'm pretty sure my title was immediately changed from "badass" back to "just plain clumsy." Fantastic.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Ouch, Ouch, OUCH. Eeek! So sorry to hear you banged up your knee and hurt your toe like that. If its any consolation, just READING about rock climbing had my palms sweating. You are a WAY braver woman than I!

9:36 AM  

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