Things I have NOT done in the last 5 days:
*Edited video or practiced technique for class
*Revised business plan for the office-to-massage-therapy transition
*Purchased Reflexology book for next week’s class
*Maintained semi-healthy eating routine
*Scheduled any outcall appointment (not one! Wooo!)
*Celebrated Monk’s good news (work related, yay for him!)
*Called my brother
*Come up with a decent blawg post

Things I HAVE done in the last 5 days:
*Stayed out wayyy too late drinking and bullshitting
*Caught up (somewhat) with our (fake)TIVO recordings (plus drinking!)
*Told my mother what I think of how she is handling my brother’s breakdown
*Consumed enough caffeine to give an elephant a heart attack
*Vowed to wean myself off the Ambien (eventually) (and no, I wouldn’t say it's totally helping)
*Freaked out because oh-shit-I'm-giving-my-notice-in-6-weeks-and-oh-my-god-we-are-going-to-be-so-poor
*Got tattooed with Monk on Saturday (had the existing one redone- is absolutely punch-you-in-the-sternum, knock-over-your-granny awesome now) (and wow, I forgot how getting tattooed over/near the vertebrae causes pain to radiate up and down your spine…)
*Come up with an it’ll-do-for-now blawg post

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