What does TGIF mean anymore, anyway?

Spoke too soon, folks, as it turns out I do have a massage appointment tonight. Vent and you shall receive, apparently.

(Okay, if that is actually true to my reality right now: BOY DOES IT PISS ME OFF THAT I DO NOT HAVE A MILLION DOLLARS IN MY BANK ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW.)

Managed to talk this client out of a hot stone session and into a heat pack session (and then promptly hung up the phone and yelled "Shit! Better go buy some heat packs!"), and while this will be slightly less money it will also be less effort on my part (and on my back) (I think I'm quickly getting over this whole “Traveling Massage Therapist” thing), which appeals to the ever-growing lazy side of my personality. Unfortunately, I now get to stress over a) getting home from the office in time to heat up the packs, b) bagging up said packs well enough to retain the heat between my town and the client’s and c) hoping I time the drive correctly so that I don’t end up at her house insanely early, or 10 minutes late.

It may be time to start looking into my very own massage office. Not that I do enough business to justify that right now. Not that I have enough time to be drumming up new business right now. Not that I have the availability, what with the full-time office job and the class and the other job (is anyone else getting tired of hearing about how gawd-ridiculously-busy I am, by the way?) (on second thought, how about you don’t answer that), for all the hypothetical new business right now.



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