Weekend (Part 1)

I painted the guest bedroom on Saturday. This is what happens when I have a day off, people- I decide to execute a total room makeover. Heaven forbid I actually relax, sleep in, read a book (a “book?” What is this thing called a “book?”)… The room, which used to be this stomach-churning pastel baby blue color (it is slowly dawning on me that, while I am in active hate of all the pastels, pale blue is the one that really makes me violent) is now a hint of gray, with white trim, white flow-y drapes fluttering around the windows, and is topped off with a nice white bed. Yes, the bed is all white. White pillows, white comforter, more white pillows. White! And gray! Hello, world, we’re the Borings! Nice to meet you! Also, should you be a guest staying at Chez Q, have fun trying to sleep without dirtying up all that white! Yes, you are welcome for the hospitality and what the hell are you doing bringing your soda upstairs with you? I don’t think so mister, nothing but clear liquids allowed in the guest bedroom (and even then it’s on a case-by-case basis) but yes, welcome! Make yourself at home! Mi casa es su casa WIPEYOURFEETGODDAMMIT.

Halfway through all the painting, which wasn’t really that much painting since the guest bedroom is the smallest one in the house (again: You’re welcome! Try not to bump your elbows on the wall while you’re closing the door!), I was thinking boy, I forgot I’m not such a fan of the painting. This is pretty tedious. And also shit, I just dripped paint on the carpet. And damn! I splattered paint on the bed! Along with crap! I just stepped in the paint! Why didn’t I bring any wet rags in here with me! So, no more painting for a while. Too much work, too much clean-up, too much bull-in-a-china-shop action.

Except, I do have another day off this weekend, and the guest bathroom could really use a different hue (currently burn-your-retinas-orange). Also, that newly-painted bedroom? Is really not quite… gray enough. Maybe I should re-do it Saturday and go a shade darker. Hmmm…

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Blogger That Nervous Girl said...

Good for you! I totally need to get up the gumption to do some painting in our house - we've been there over a year and still haven't really changed anything. I also have NO experience with painting as previously I was always in apartments where that wasn't allowed. Oh well, I should know with all the "Trading Spaces" that I've watched - nothing's permanent. How bad can we mess it up, right? Heh.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous skyhawk said...

Wowza... I knew there was a reason to not tease you too much on being SO DAMN LATE to dinner... now I know it was a little subconscious voice telling me that, after the day you had, it was because you probably would have killed me.

4:49 PM  

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