I would really hate that last Lifetime-Television-for-Women Original-Movie-esque post except that I have, on occasion, actually caught parts of certain Lifetime-Television-for-Women Original Movies* and, while there is much suckage and sappage, somehow I get drawn into the story, unable to turn away, quietly rooting for the average-looking woman with bright red lipstick, stretched out cardigan sweater, mom jeans, 80s hair and sad, sad eyes.

So yes, that dream of mine was a bit heavy on the fuzzy lens, gag-factor, but I have to give props to my subconscious for making up such a character + background story and coloring in the vivid details the way it did- I'd say it was at least... marginally better than a Lifetime-Television-for-Women Original Movie. And there are people actually getting paid to write those scripts, you know.

I don't get paid to have dreams with somewhat-involved plotlines and then write about them later. And some of you might think I would eventually get the hint and at least stop writing about them. But some of you would be wrong. I don't do hints. Well, I do, but only in create-your-own-hint situations, when it is something I've taken so far out of context and assigned a colorful, terrible implication to it, then stabbed it through my heart for the best take-it-personally impact, all so I can begin screeching "what the HELL do you mean by THAT?!" at my unsuspecting victims.

Where was I? Something about not getting paid to be so Original Movie with my dreams? Oh hell, I don't know and I'm actually boring myself now (which, considering my little hamster brain, is not surprising). Have a good weekend and remember: It's okay, the sad-eyed lady will triumph in the end. Or she'll die and leave her baby to your care. Which would probably suck in real life, but is actually pretty inspiring and empowering and happy tears beautiful on Lifetime-Television-for-Women.

*Accidentally! When I was trying to catch an episode of Golden Girls! Huh, that doesn't make it any cooler, does it?

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